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Compounds are represented by chemical formulas.

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That's why chemist use chemical formulas to represent the chemical names of substances in the equation.

These substances are called pesticides.

This is a chemical formula; for example sodium chloride is NaCl.

Frequently the word substance is used as a synonym for chemical compound; but also is used for any material.

These substances are called reactants.

Chemical symbols represent chemical elements.

Chemical formulas are used to represent chemical compounds. It shows the component elements of the compound. Also it shows the ratios of the component elements.

Subscripted numbers in a chemical formula represent the ratio numbers of atoms of all different elements which are present in that compound.

Chemical Symbols are used to represent elements

The term NaOH represents the chemical compound sodium hydroxide. It is mainly used in the form of sodium hydroxide solution. Solid sodium hydroxide is an essential component of drain cleaners.

Chemical symbols are used to represent elements.

Element do not have chemical formulas these are the preserve of compound made from elements. Elements have symbols (eg the element Gold has the symbol Au) which are used in chemical formulas.

The terms element and compound are used to identify pure substances.

A chemical formula represents a shorthand notation for the atomic structure of a compound. This allows the structure to be seen conveniently.

Reactants are the substances first used in the chemical reaction, not the product.

The principal use of sodium benzoate is to preserve substances. So, the compound in question is principally used as a chemical preservative

It is called the reaction product, or product.Related Information:The substances that are used to make the product are called reactants.

The chemical formula of a chemical compound is established after a detailed chemical analysis.

Vitamins or Minerals are the undigested substances that are used by the body without undergoing chemical change.

A balanced chemical equation represents a chemical equation.

How is each compound used in a chemical reaction with cellular respiration and photosynthesis?

There is actually not a specific name for the chemical compound NaHO2AlOCO. This compound is often used as a pesticide or in household products.

A chemical reaction is the process that occurs when one or more substances are changed into one or more new substances.BUT,A chemical equation is a symbolic representation of a chemical reaction. Atomic symbols are used to represent the elements that take part in a reaction.

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