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To protect your nails from the nail polish, use a base coat and let it dry then apply the nail polish. After the nail polish dries, use a top coat to make the nail polish last longer.

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What scientifically makes nail polish last longer?

Well depending on how much you work with your hands. If you are washing them constantly, they will probably come off faster. It also depends on the chemical making and the oils in your skin, which can affect how long your nail polish lasts. You should put on a top coat after finished with the main colour because it will protect the colour and make the nail polish last a bit longer.

What makes sugar free gum taste last longer?

the chemical makeup of the flavor

What nail polish lasts longer?

the nail polish that last the longest is OPI

What makes nail polish last longer?

Acrylic resin is used in most nail polish. It dries hard and bright, but can crack or chip because it is a very thin layer.

Can putting nail polish in the refrigerator make it last longer?

no. puttng naile polish on a fridg does not make it last forever

Do cheap nail polish last longer than expensive nail polish?

yes it does last longer, because with the expensive nail polish the people who make it only concentrate on making it look like its worth a lot of money, when really it doesnt last as long as cheap nail polish does.

What makes nail polish last long?

If you use a base coat and a top coat it will seal in the color and help keep your nails from chipping. What I think and researched, is that an ingredient call formaldehyde is used to make the polish last longer.

Which pedal of a piano makes the sound last longer?

The damper pedal makes the notes last longer

Does expensive nail polish last longer than the cheap one?

Not per sé. Sometimes they do last longer, sometimes they don't.

How does the use of chemical preservatives makes food last longer?

Chemical preservatives don't allow decomposers to break down the food as quickly as they would with out any preservatives.

What ingredient makes juicy fruit last longer?

actually its sodium and carbonhydrate because the salt makes it a bit tastier and the carbonhydrate makes it last longer

What features of the mRNA make the mRNA last longer?

Viagra makes your penis last longer.

What makes gm food last longer?

There is no known evidence that GMO foods last longer.

What ingredient in nail polish last longer?

formahdayle That would be spelled, "formaldehyde." And your answer is wrong.

What is in milk to make it last longer?

Milk is pasteurized which reduces the microbial load. That makes it last longer.

What does smoking meat do?

It makes meat fresh and makes it last longer

What is the expiration date of nail polish?

Shake it once in a while. Then it will last longer, but usually it dries out within 3 years depends on the nail polish brand.

Does soap lather last longer in hot or cold weather?

Do bubbles last longer in hot or cold weather they last longer in cold weather because just like hot weather makes people sweat it makes the bubbles disolve

Can you use super glue as a coating over your nail polish to keep it on longer?

No, well yes you can, however it will not make your nail polish last longer..nail polish chips due to wear and tear and your nails like any other body part emits natural oil and the polish loses its bond to the nail..best way to make it last longer is to wash nails first afnd then LIGHTLY rough up nail surface for better adhesion

What makes stride gum last longer?

Well maybe if you didn't chew it so much it would last a lil longer.

What makes gum last longer?

mix gum with shampoo

Can you refreeze a glowstick?

yes, it even makes them last longer.

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