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Usually ethylene glycol, the same as the main ingredient in car anti-freeze. Answer Prior to take-off, airplanes are sprayed with a de-icing agent that melts any ice on the airplane and its wings but it will not re-freeze. Once in the air, many airplanes are equipped with electric heaters or devices that blow heated air over the leading edge of the wings and prevents wate from freezing on it.

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What are the chemicals used in ice cream?

in some ice-creams, pig fat is used

What is used to seed clouds?

Airplanes that fly through the clouds, dropping pellets of dry or artificial ice, hoping to form ice crystals in the cloud

Can airplanes land on the ice of the north pole?

Yes, the ice is very thick.

How ice is used to remove snow?

sun or heat

What is in ice melt?

Ice melt is made up of chemicals that are intended to melt ice. These chemicals often include salt as well.

Why salt is used in hilly areas to remove ice but on the other hand it would be used ice factory for making ice?

Salt is not used for making ice, because all you have to do to make ice is freeze water.

Why does ice from my maytag refrigerator ice maker change the taste of drinks?

I think it's in the 'air' inside or even chemicals (maybe used in the cleaning of the inside) of the ice maker and the combination of chemicals in the water.... My ice tastes weird now that I have a new freezer, and I had no troubles before!

What are the chemicals that dissolve in blood?

Fire and ice

What chemicals melt ice?

Any material that dissolves into the ice and makes a solution that has a lower freezing point than pure water ice will melt it. The most common material used in this manner is NaCl.

Why is the ice served on airplanes cylindrical and hollow?

This is called tube ice. A tube ice machine is better than a cube ice machine because it's smaller and produces ice faster.

Who sings the theme song for TVs Ice Pilots?

David Usher- Airplanes

Why does a cold pack get cold when the chemicals react?

In a chemical ice pack you have to break some sort of seal so that two chemicals react. The chemicals that are used are chosen because when mixed they create an endothermic reaction causing it to feel cold

What chemicals are in dry ice?

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide, which has the formula CO2.

What is chemicals are in ice?

Ice is composed of water in its solid state. There usually are some impurities though.

What are the chemicals in dry ice?

Carbon dioxide. Dry ice is made of nothing but carbon dioxide.

Did harley Davidson ever manufacture a lawn mower?

No, but various individuals have used Harley motors in lawnmowers (as well as rototillers, ice cutters, even cars and airplanes).

What kind of chemicals melt ice?

These chemicals are called deicing substances: chlorides of sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium.

Would you die if you ate ice melting chemicals?


How is ice the drug made?

Ice is Methamphetamine and is a street drug. Is made out of several different bad chemicals.

How many airports are in Antarctica?

There are no airports in Antarctica. Airplanes land and take off from ice runways, and are met with transportation vehicles to move cargo and people to and from the research facility to the airplanes.

Can remote control airplanes collect ice during flight and crash?

ANYthing can collect ice up that high. Best get a robot to climb out on the wing and scrape off the ice. (:D

Why do chemicals work well to melt ice and prevent ice from forming?

They raise the melting point of water - preventing the water turning to ice.

Is the melting of ice a chemical or a physical process?

Physical process because there is no chemicals involved in the process of melting ice

What chemicals can melt ice?

Well you can stop water from frezzing with salt.

How does salt melt ice on roads?

it slowly burns it with the chemicals in the salt