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Q: What chemicals make a glow stick glow longer?
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How can you make glow stick last longer and why?

you can make a glow stick last longer by putting it in hot water. the heat makes the atoms inside move around faster which keeps the glow glow longer and brighter

Can you make a glow stick with house hold items?

Mountain Dew and some household chemicals (hydrogen peroxide) can make a glow stick. no

What two chemicals make up a glow stick?

Hydrogen and Helium

How do you make glow stick with a Mountain Dew bottle?

mo you can not unless you have all the chemicals needed for the glow stick (mountain dew does look like it)

Are glow sticks made with water?

There is no water used in the making of a standard glow stick, it is simply a chemical reaction between two chemicals. Water can however be used to make a glow stick brighter.

What happens when you snap a glow stick to make it glow?

When you snap a glow stick to make it glow, it will glow.

How long does a glow stick glow?

Glow sticks can last over 4 days if you get the right ones. It usually depends on the colour and size of your glow stick. To make the glow stick last longer throw it in the fridge freezer to slow the chemical reaction down.

Is neon used to make glow sticks?

No a glow stick contains two chemicals and a suitable fluorescent dye (sensitizer, or fluorophor). The chemicals in the glass vial are a mixture of the dye and diphenyl oxalate.

How can you make glow stick last longer?

to make a glow stick glow again put in the freezer when it's glowing and then take it out when time passed and warm it with your hands a it will glow but for it to last you will have to repeat hope you enjoy^_^ yeah. that's right. but it wont glow as bright as it did when you first buy it.

How might putting a light stick in the freezer make it glow longer?

it freezes the liquid inside

What chemicals make a glow worm glow?

soil juice

What two chemicals make glow sticks glow?

Hydrogen and Helium