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Look up what ingredients are in coke for this answer ^-^ please

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Q: What chemicals or properties are found in Coke?
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Why is it better to use Diet Coke than regular coke in a mentos and coke experiment?

Because the chemicals in diet coke react with the chemicals in the mentos, Normal coke has the same chemicals that mentos has, that is why you need to have a positive and negative to react, Normal coke and mentos is positive and positive.

Why does coke explode when you heat it up?

Due to the chemicals in Coke :)

Why Diet Coke not normal coke?

Because the sugars are replaced with chemicals.

Why do physical properties change when chemicals combine?

Physical properties change when chemicals combine because when you mix chemicals the physical properties changes it identity.

Where was coke found?

Coke was made not found

Why does Diet Coke freeze faster than coke?

It has a lot more chemicals

Does Diet Coke destroy muscle?

None of the chemicals in Diet Coke are known to affect the muscles.

Will Diet Coke float or coke float?

diet coke will float because it has less density then regular coke because it has more sugar and less chemicals and vice versa for the diet coke.

Which coke burst the most out of coke Diet Coke orange and sprite?

i found that it was coke

What are the chemicals in the Diet Coke?

cancer causing, heart attack causing, bad, evil, delicious chemicals

Why do pop rocks make coke fizz?

it is due to the carbon dioxide reacting with the chemicals in the coke making it foam.

What makes coke rust metal nails?

the acidity and chemicals in coke are strong enough to reverse the displacement reaction

Which soda will shoot the highest with Mentos?

Diet coke because it has the most chemicals and bad stuff in it along with coke.

Is coke unhealthy?

Yes, it is. Diet coke is even WORSE! The coloring effects your teeth and it has acibs and chemicals that are not good for you.

What is denser coke or water?

Coke is more dense than distilled water

Does coke help a plant grow?

Probably not, because plants grow from water and are used to that. Coke with its chemicals may kill it!

What food substance is in coke?

There is mainly sugar but coke also contains carbohydrate fats acid and many other chemicals

What makes Minto's explode in Coke?

The chemicals inside them both when you shake it!:)

Did Mario Molina's research show that chemicals can damage the earth ozone layer?

Yes, his research showed this. He developed and found that CFC chemicals damaged ozone. The damage is due to Chlorine's properties.Yes he did. He showed that CFC's depleted ozone.

How does Diet Coke give you cancer?

because diet coke contains chemicals that are bad for our body that's why it gives us cancr

Which frozen liquid melts faster coke or milk?

it depends on how much there is but milk will melt faster because coke has more chemicals

How do pennies go clean in coke?

A penny goes clean in coke because the coke has so much sugar and chemicals that it even has enough power to clean a whole sink!

What is the physical properties of chemicals?

there are all sorts! :)

Why do chemicals have different boiling points?

because all the chemicals have different physical properties.

Where are the chemicals found?

what chemicals exactly