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The only one that comes to mind is the "Brethren" church

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Q: What churches do not believe in instruments in the church?
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When did the church begin using instruments?

The second and third century churches began using instruments.

Is it acceptable to play instruments in church?

Most churches have a musical instrument such as an organ or a piano. Others allow handheld instruments such as guitars. The Salvation Army has traditionally encouraged its members to learn instruments and play them in church, as do many modern evangelical churches. There are some churches, including some Mennonite, Brethren and Presbyterian churches, that do not worship with instruments, believing that the human voice is the only instrument that can praise God since inanimate objects have no soul.

Which churches today are the Churches of Christ?

All churches are the 'churches of Christ' as long as they believe in Jesus Christ, Holy God, Holy Spirit and Christianity. The Catholic Church is the Church of Christ here on earth. The Churches of Christ is also a denomination. Their churches are identified by the name Church of Christ... For example, Stuartville Church of Christ or Plat City Church of Christ.

Do pentecostal churches believe in no vaccinations?

Vaccinations are acceptable by the Pentecostal church.

Is it true that the Catholic Church in Peru does not believe in the Virgin Mary?

No, as all catholic churches they believe in her

Which churches believe in the doctrine of the holy trinity?

The Church of England and Anglican Church in general, the Lutheran Church and the Roman Catholics certainly do, although there are others.

Which 3 churches formed and made 1 church?

I believe it was the Presbyterian Church, the Methodist Church, & maybe the Anglican Church that got together to form the United Church.

What has the author James A Ode written?

James A. Ode has written: 'Brass instruments in church services' -- subject(s): Church music, Instrumental music, Protestant churches

What churches believe in Christmas?

All Christian churches celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus Christ. This includes both the Catholic church and the protestant churches. Protestant churches include Anglicans (or Episcopalian), Lutherans, Baptists, Pentecostals, Church of Christ, Assembly of God and Salvation Army, just to name a few.

Why do both the Orthodox and Catholic Churches believe that they individually represent the Original Church?

They are both Apostolic Churches, meaning that their clergy could be traced back to the original Apostles. However they both believe that the other split from the original church. The Catholics believe that Jesus told Peter that he was the rock on which He would build His church, and that they are the original church because they have stayed in communion with the bishop of Rome, who is the successor of Peter. The Orthodox churches do not hold the same beliefs about the pope. They believe that he would be first among equals but not necessarily that he is supreme. The split between the two churches had a lot to do with politics as well as minor doctrinal differences.

What is a plural noun for church?

The plural noun for "church" is "churches."

Churches or church's singular or possessive?

The form churches is the plural of the noun "church."example: There are three churches on this street.The form church's is the singular possessive noun.example: There was a special request for donations to repair the church's roof.