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Q: What city boy mistake does brian make in hatchet?
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Why did Brian conclude that mistakes had greater significance in the wilderness from hatchet?

Even if u make a small mistake u can almost never have the chance to fix it in the wild so when he droped his hatchet it was a HUGE mistake and if he lost it he was screwed

What kind of hut does Brian make in Hatchet?

a lean-to

In hatchet how did Brian make his bow and arrow?


What tools did Brian use in the book Hatchet?

Brian makes fire, makes tools, makes a raft, and guts animals with his hatchet.

Why did raspberries make a better meal for Brian than gut cherries Hatchet?

Why did raspberries make a better meal for Brian than gut cherries Hatchet?

Why did Gary Paulsen title his book Hatchet?

The book is called hatchet because the hatchet that brian has is everything. it made arrows for fish and sharped his spear. also it is needed to make fire and he uses it to scrape metal off the plane.

How did brian from hatchet make fires?

Brian from hatchet made his fire in the following steps... 1-He strikes the hatchet on the wall of the cave 2-he lives in and it sparks; the cave's mineral makeup included flint.

In the book hatchet What and how does Brian make a ladder with?

Brian fashioned a ladder from a dead pine.

Does brian know how to make fire In The Book Hatchet?

Yes. He collected twigs and hit the back of his hatchet at a wall to create sparks.

What does Brian need to make a bow and arrow in the book Hatchet?

Brian needs to make a bow and arrow in the book "hatchet"because he needs food and to get food he needs t hunt so he needs to make hunting weapons. He needs to make the bow and arrow to hunt.

How does brian cook the first fish hatchet?

How did brian make his fishing spear? Why didn't work for him? Do you think he dida good job?

Did Brian Robeson in Hatchet have a watch?

Yes he did but it didnt have any crystals to use to make a fire.