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General Patton died in the city of luxenberg because of the blood clot in his brain.

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Patton was buried at the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial in Hamm, Luxembourg along with other members of the Third Army, as per Patton's request to "be buried with my men."

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General Patton liberated many cities but the last city which was allowed for him to liberate was Plzeň (Czechoslovakia). To pass further was impossible because of the agreement from Yalta.

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Q: What city did general Patton liberate?
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What general led the third army into Paris to liberate the city from German occupation?

Without the Allied invasion in June 1944 there would have been no liberation, so credit must go to the supreme commander of the Allied armies, Dwight D. Eisenhower. Commanders in the field, such as Montgomery, Bradley, Patton and others also deserve mention.

General George Patton led the third army to Paris to liberate the city from German occupation?

No. Paris was liberated by the US First Army, General Courtney Hodges commanding. A French Armored Division was allowed to be first in town. Photographs of American troops parading down the Champs Elyssee in battle dress, with the Arc de Triomph in the background, are the US Fourth Infantry Division of the First Army. They marched straight through town and reentered combat on the far side. Patton's Third Army was the neighbor to the south of the First Army.

Who pinned the third star on General Patton's uniform?

Early in the war, General Eisenhower pinned the third star on General Patton's uniform. This was a promotion for Patton, who was then a lieutenant general.

Who was George Patton?

Patton was an American general during WW2

Who was the american general in ww2?

Eisenhower , Patton - too many to enumerate .

What country did George S Patton represent?

Patton was an American general.

What was George C Scott's role in Patton?

He played General Patton.

Who is Reard Patton?

I found no record of a Reard Patton and if he existed he was not related to General George S. Patton.

What does Major General P mean?

general Patton

How old was general George Patton?

Older than Mr. Eric Patton.

How is Dorothea L Patton related to General George S. Patton?


Was Gen Patton a five star Gen?

No Patton was a three star general.