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Q: What city in mongol empire was conquered?
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What city in the Mongol Empire was conquered four years after Khanbalik was conquered?


What city in the Mongol Empire was conquered four years after Beijing?


Which nation conquered more of the world?

The Mongol Empire - Mongolia Conquered Asia,Eastern Europe, and the Middle East

Where did Genghis conquered?

Genghis Khan was the founder of the Mongol Empire. He conquered many territories, He conquered Khulna, Khanates, and Fiefdoms. Genghis conquered most of China. The Mongol Empire covered over 12,000,000 square miles.

The map below shows the Mongol Empire at its height. regions had the most territory conquered by the Mongol Empire?

Central Asia

The Mongol Empire controlled the conquered populations by what means?

Force or try to get all people to follow the Mongol religion. or follow their religion

Who was the Mongol ruler who conquered China and established the largest land empire in history?

kublai khan

Which city was most affected by the rise of the Mongol Empire?


How did the mongols build a commercial empire?

Because they conquered most of China.

When was Mongol Empire created?

Mongol Empire was created in 1206.

Were Italian city-states were important centers of trade between central Europe and the Mongol Empire?

it was the Byzantine Empire

What city was conquered by the byzantine empire in 540 and served as a base for their further conquest of Italy?

The city of Ravenna was conquered by the Byzantine Empire in 540. This city served as a base for their further conquests in to Italy.