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An urban area along the coast is known as

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Q: What city is make up the huge Urban area along the east coast of the US?
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Is Mumbai urban or rural?

Mumbai is an urban area. It is a densely populated city located on the west coast of India and is one of the largest urban areas in the country.

What is the area of Gold Coast City?

The area of Gold Coast City is 1,358 square kilometers.

What is a urbane region?

The percent of a population living in an urban area is the urbanization rate.

What is A city and its surrounding area?

A city and its surrounding area refer to an urban area and the land or region surrounding it, which may include suburbs, rural areas, or natural landscapes. This term encompasses the city itself along with its outskirts and nearby communities.

What is the gold coat?

The Gold coast can be defined as a costal or urban area known of its luxurious living and expensive homes. The Gold Coast is also a city in Australia located in the South East of Queensland.

What is a urban communties?

An example of an urban community is the city of Los Angeles. "Urban" means city or a populated area.

Is Las Vegas rural or urban?

Urban is a city or town, while rural is an area outside of the city. Clearly Las Vegas is an Urban area. -AO

Which has a higher poppulation density a city or a rural area?

A city is an urban area. Urban areas always have a greater population density.

What is Urban Migration?

It is when people move from one urban area or city to another.

Is liver pool an urban area?

Liverpool is a large city and a port so it is an urban area

Is Baguio city an urban area?

Yes, Baguio City is considered an urban area. It is a highly urbanized city in the Philippines known for its cool climate and tourist attractions.

What is better about the suburban area and the urban area?

Close to the city but not in it