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All cities in Oklahoma are in Tornado Alley. Oklahoma City is in the most intense part of it.

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Q: What city is near Oklahoma's Tornado Alley?
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Is Ontario in tornado alley?

No. While Ontario does get tornadoes, it is nowhere near Tornado Alley. Tornado Alley is farther west.

What is the city that is is often hit by tornadoes because it is so near the heart of tornado alley?

Oklahoma city

What is the name of a city often hit by tornadoes because it is so near the heart of tornado alley?

Oklahoma City.

Is Colorado part of tornado alley?

Eastern Colorado near the Oklahoma state line sees relatively high tornado activity and is considered part of tornado alley.

Do any type of tornado hit Arkansas often?

Yes. Arkansas is very near Tornado Alley and gets tornadoes fairly frequently.

What US state is both a part of tornado alley and a major hurricane landfall area?

That state would be Texas - although the parts of the state that get hurricanes and the part that is in tornado alley are rather far apart. The Gulf coast gets hurricanes. Tornado alley stretches down into the upper part of Texas near Oklahoma. Fortunately the two areas are hundreds of miles apart. Unfortunately hurricanes have been known to spawn some tornadoes so that even areas that are not part of tornado alley may get tornadoes in connection with a hurricane.

Where in the US can tornadoes happen?

Tornadoes have occurred in all 50 states. However. Most tornadoes happen in or near the area known as tornado alley, which extends north from Texas to South Dakota and includes parts of some adjacent states.

How many states have a city named paradise?

it is in California and kansas near tornado valley

Is spring city under a tornado watch?

As of 12:30 EDT on March 18, 2013 Spring City, Tennessee is not under a tornado watch. It is, however under a severe thunderstorm watch. A tornado warning has been issued near Lewisburg, though that is some distance from Spring City.

Where do tornadoes mainly form?

In Tornado Alley, near Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and parts of Texas, North Dakota, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio.

Are tornadoes less likely to occur near the ocean?

No. In fact dues to the sea breeze being near the ocean can actually make it more likely that tornadoes will occur. Florida, for example, rivals Tornado Alley in number of tornadoes per area unit.

Does the wind go toward a tornado?

Yes, wind near a tornado spirals in towards the tornado.