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Bruce is a Great White Shark.

His class is chondrichthyes.

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What does Bruce on finding nemo eat?

Not fish.

What class of fish does Nemo belong to from Finding Nemo?

Nemo is a Clownfish.

Finding nemo fish names?


What class of fish is Dori from Finding Nemo?

Paracanthurus hepatus Class: Actinopterygii

What is the climax of the movie finding nemo?

The climax of Finding Nemo is when Nemo is reunited with his father, Marlin, but Dory is captured with a class of groupers in a fish net.

What type of shark is Bruce from Finding Nemo?

Great White Shark. "Fish are friends, not food." Ahha gotta love Finding Nemo c:

What class of fish do marlin from finding nemo belong to?

Marlin is a clownfish, which is in the class "Actinopterygii"

What fish use countershading?

nemo from finding nemo, nemo from finding nemo,

Who does Bruce in finding nemo?

Barry Humphries as Bruce .

What kind of shark is Bruce off of Finding Nemo?

Bruce from Finding Nemo is a Great White Shark. P.S Hes my favorite

What type of fish is nemo from finding nemo?

Clown fish

What is the name of the scary fish in the movie Finding Nemo?

There is an unnamed anglerfish, and Bruce, a Great White shark.

What kind of fish is Nemo from the movie finding Nemo?

clown fish

What is the name of shark in finding nemo?


What kind Sharks are in finding nemo?


Who is chum in Finding Nemo?

Bruce Spence voices Chum in Finding Nemo .Chum is a mako shark.

What is the name of the shark club in finding nemo?

Finding Nemo is an animated Pixar film that follows a lost clownfish's journey home. Bruce the shark was the leader of the Fish-Friendly Sharks club.

Who is Bruce in the film Finding Nemo?

Bruce is the Great White Shark in the movie "Finding Nemo" who has taken a vow to top eating fish. He and his shark friends take an oath saying, "Fish are friends, not food!" Bruce was voiced by Australian actor Barry Humphries, perhaps more well known as his alter ego, Dame Edna.

What is the color of the star fish in finding nemo?

pink is the color of the starfish in finding nemo

What is the pledge in finding Nemo?

The pledge said in Finding Nemo is that "Fish are friends, not food."

Who does the voice of Bruce in Finding Nemo?

Barry Humphries

Who plays Bruce in finding nemo?

Barry Humphries

In finding nemo what was the leader of the sharks called?


What is the name of the biggest shark in Finding Nemo?


Who is the consumer in Finding Nemo?

Bruce the shark and the barracuda.

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