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Third class. Because they are good for speed and longer movements and are arranged: FEL; Flucrum - Effort - Load. Other examples include brooms, fishing poles, and even your knees. On the mouse trap car the fulcrum is the bar that the spring is wound upon. The effort is the pressure on the snapper's lever arm that comes from the spring unwinding, and the load is at the end of the lever arm where the string is attached, the string that gets wound around the main axle and causes the wheels to turn when the spring is released.


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The best way to build a mouse trap car is to add four wheels to a peace of wood and add a mouse trap

You put your hand in a working mouse trap and start running;)

you can put elcteric wires under the mouse trap

It is better to use small trap cars as the larger ones can prevent no use to trapping a mouse the small traps are much quicker to get the mouse/rats.

the farthest mouse trap car that i could find was 111 meters which is about 364 feet.

Put a trap in your car and check the trap every once in a while.

It is a third class lever machine because The effort is in between the load(food) and the fulcrum(handle)

It's the body of the car, yo.

Wheeland axle definitely, lever I would say, and there are probably more I am missing.ur missing a pulley. that's also in there

CD's make good wheels for a mouse trap car. They provide little friction and the large diameter will help you get the most distance.

The one my son just did for his Physics class went 19.5 meters, so they can go at Least that...

A mouse trap car that will successfully travel a long distance is one that has a long bar connected to the arm of the trap. This works because it makes is possible to have it accelerate longer.

you simply do what ever you want

Gravity is not actually used in or on the car it is what holds the car on the ground.

by attaching a string to the axle

You might have to research these types of energies in particular. But, basically a mouse trap car uses:-Potential energy-Kinetic energy-sound energy-Mechanical Energy

have 2 mouse traps on it and have them facing opposite directions. have strings attached to each mouse trap and have each string wrapped an opposite direction around the axle. then set it up to have one mouse trap trigger the other.

in the middle in the front and back... (where your wheels go)

When you pull back the spring.Mouse trap in its non-set state has zero potential energy. When you pull back the spring to set the trap you are storing the energy it took you to set the trap into the spring.

Have bigger wheels and a more powerful mouse-trap, like the really big ones that are a foot long and half a foot wide.

the mouse trap is wound around an axle and when unleased the snapping power of the mouse trap sends it forward. Or, what you do is pull the square like lever down, holding it so it doesn't snap. Then with the little thin long"stick" you just slide it into the small"curved" like rectangle. Then put the car down, hit the mousetrap lightly with a metal rod, and it goes flying!

The pulley on a mouse trap car acts as an extender (rods balloons etc.) , allowing the force of the pull to be stronger than one without a pulley based on it's positioning. There are 4 ways to use a pulley with a mouse trap car:1) Leverage2) Temperance3) Steering4) BalanceThere are also different types of pulleys to use on a mousetrap car.

the elastic potential energy of the spring on the mouse trap is changed to kinetic energy, causing the car to move. The kinetic energy in turn changes to thermal energy as friction causes the car to come to a halt

Potato chips are a good source of vitamins.

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