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above vi std players are used volleyball serve

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Q: What class of lever is used during a volleyball serve?
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Is out on a serve in volleyball?

i do not understand your question. but you ca serve the ball out in volleyball.

Are you allowed to serve with a fist in seventh grade volleyball?

No, you are not allowed to serve with a fist in any level of volleyball.

Can you block a volleyball on serve?


Are net serves illegal in volleyball?

Absolutely, in fact in volleyball it is the predominant type of serve

Is there a position in volleyball that doesn't serve?

Every position in volleyball does serve. ---- All players rotate a clockwise direction therefore every player will ultimately have to serve

What is ball not tossed in volleyball?


What does a volleyball game begin with?

a serve

How do you start a volleyball match?

By a serve.

How is pressure involved during Volleyball?

One example of presure being involved during volleyball is when you serve, everyone is watching. Also, if the other team is serving and the ball comes to you as a first pass. You would probably feel pressured.

Name the two ways to overhand serve in volleyball?

jump serve or topspin serve

Can you serve in the middle in volleyball?

You can serve from anywhere on the back line of the court.

What is it called when the serve in not touched and is good in volleyball?

A not touched good serve