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Pediatricians are physicians, and all physicians take the same basic classes in medical school. Specialization happens afterward during residency.

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Q: What classes do you need to take to be a pediatrician?
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What classes you need to take to become a pediatrician?

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What specific high school classes does a pediatrician needs?

There is nothing specific to being a pediatrician that you need to take in high school, but you do need to do well in all of your life science classes and chemistry.

What classes do i need to take in high school that will help me become a pediatrician?

Health, Biology, Humanities

If you want to be a pediatrician what classes you take in high school?

AP classes to get you into a good college in their pre-med program. You need good grades in challenging classes, sciences are important.

If your goal is to become a pediatrician how many hours of classes will you need to take each semester in college to graduate?

You will need to take at least 15 credits of classes per semester. You also need to make sure you are focusing on classes like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

What classes should you take if you want to become a pediatrician?

Medical school.

Do you have to be in all advanced classes in high school to be a pediatrician?

No. You only need to have really good grades in the classes you take, get into a good college, get great grades in your college classes, and go into medical school

What classes if any will i have to take after med school to be a pediatrician?

After medical school you would need to complete an accredited residency program in pediatrics.

What classes in high school should you take to become a pediatrician?

Science and Chemist

What classes in highschool should you take to become a pediatrician?

you should take nutrition classes and classes dealing with small children such as biology and a class like medical terminology

What is the shortest amount of time in which you can be a pediatrician?

i would say about 9 years, but you would have to take summer classes. Since we are talking about classes you will need about a 12 - 18 credits. Anyway 3 years of pre-med then another 3 of medical and now you have finished college, but you need a three year residency and you are now a pediatrician

What high school classes are need to become a pediatrician?

There are no particular classes in high school that are required to become a pediatrician, so you can take just about whatever you want. The main thing would be to do well enough to get into medical school. If you really wanted to take courses that would make learning what you need to learn in college easier, I would suggest math and science courses. You will have to take a bunch of these in college and they help you to think analytically.

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