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What classes do you take to obtain your AA degree?


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The kinds of courses required for a degree will be strictly dependent on the program of study (major).


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Well, this really depends on how different your bachelors degree is from your AA degree. If you have an AA in nursing and you want to get a bachelors degree in writing, it will probably take you another four years to obtain an AA. The only classes from your AA degree that will transfer to your bachelors degree will most likely be pre-requisites.

What college classes will have to be taken to get an AA degree in Business Management

A bachelor's degree is a 4-year degree. You take about 40-45 classes. Half of your classes are core classes (math, English, history, social studies, science), and the other half of the classes are for your major. An associate's degree is a 2-year degree. You take about 20-24 classes. There are two types of associate's degrees: career and transfer. A transfer associate's degree (also known as an AA or an AS) is for students who plan to get a bachelor's degree after getting an associate's degree. To get an AA or AS degree, you take 5-7 classes for your major and the other 15 classes are core classes. A career associate's degree (also known as an AAS) is for students who want to get an associate's degree in order to start working. People who want to get a bachelor's degree do not get an AAS. People who want to start working full-time get an AAS. To get an AAS, you take 5-7 core classes and the other 15 classes are for your major.

The classes that are required depends on the specific degree type (AA, AS, AAS), and the specific program of study (Major). Each will have requirements particular to themselves.

How many years does it take to become a genetics if you start from AA degree?

The requirements would depend on the specific associate degree type (AA, AS, AAS) and the specific major. Each will have requirements particular to itself.

I have a High School diploma and a Medical Assistant degree from Broward Community College. I do not have an AA. Must I get my AA before I can be eligible to register for Ultrasound technologist?

They are different for each major. The college will have a list of required courses and total credits needed for each (which will be the same). Most take about 2 yrs.

To have a Concentration in a particular area, you take as many classes in that area as you can. For example, if you are working on an AA in psychology, you need to take all your core classes, but you also need other classes to satisfy your AA required hours. You would take as many classes as possible that pertain to the concentration.

You should go to a community college for a masters degree for becoming a OTA. This is taking a little while to get.

If you get an AA you may be taking classes that you don't need to take in order to get to your BA. If you know the area of study you want to go into, just go to your college counselor and ask for a list of classes that would help you meet those requirements the quickest. You may save some time and for sure you would save some money. If you want to have a lot of degrees hanging around...go for the AA first.

AA is the abbreviation for "Associate of Arts", which isa degree. If you meant something else, please spell it out in full; otherwise, your question kind of answers itself.Occasionally people will obtain an AA degree and then go on to a BA or BS degree. However, you don't actually need to get an AA first, and it's far more common to proceed directly to the Bachelor's degree.

Though there would be classes that all schools would have to require, it's best to go to the individual schools that you are considering attending and get the information about required classes from them. The Internet is a great place to start because most schools have Web sites where they list the classes needed.

An Associate's degree usually takes two years.

The AA/AS you get really doesn't matter, but what does matter is that you get your general education classes completed and that they apply to the college where you will transfer to for your BA. All an AA is a general education degree showing you finished 2 years of college.

To get an Associate's Degree from a community college, most of your classes will be the "core curriculum". At the community college I attend, you must take College Algebra, English I, English II, Literature, 2 Science classes, 2 History classes, Political Science, Speech, Economics, and electives. I just graduated with my Associate of Science (or AA degree) and it all depends on the college you

The AA is not a professional degree. The professional degree are such as lawyer, medical doctor, etc..

Yes, many community colleges across the country do offer nutrition degrees, but only at the AA level. If you want a BA you will have to take classes at a four year college.

AA Degree = Two Years Can be a shorter time period if attending a school specializing in dental occupations and the classes are 'accelerated'.

It would take (approximately) an additional two years as a full-time student, and provided you take the degree as prescribed by the college or university.

If the AA was in a transferable program (AA degrees usually are), you are within the same program of study, and the receiving college or university takes the degree full faith in credit, it should take two additional years.

Traditional Associates Degrees can be achieved in 2 years.

An AA is just that. It is two years of college and you don't put that by your name and only use it when applying for a job. I would suggest you go on to a university to finish the degree because an AA is basically only general education classes.

Associated Arts degree

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