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Matters what you're taking in college. Many require Math 30.

Math31(Calculus) is required for only a few classes (mainly engineering)

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Q: What classes need to be completed to attend college?
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What classes do I need to take to become a registered nurse?

To become a registered nurse you will need to attend some college and/or university. Many community colleges offer great nursing programs and can be completed in as little as two years.

What are some classes that you need to take in college to become a gynecologist?

You need to decide whatmedical college you want to attend, and ask for a degree plan which will list the classes you need to take for your degree. Good Luck

Can you get into Jones county junior college with an act score of 12?

no you need a minimum of 14 to attend basic classes.

What options are available when picking out classes at college in terms of flexibility?

When picking out classes at college, you need to be sure that you will actually be able to attend them. For this reason, there is an option between full-time and part-time courses.

What courses do you need to take in college for computer networking?

In your first 2 years you take general education classes combined with the first classes in computers. The college will give you the program you have to complete to meet graduation requirements. I suggest you get a catalog from the college you wish to attend. It will tell you what you need.

Does a waitress need to attend college?

no need, though if youre gonna be a cashier its prefarable to attend college

What classes are needed for an associates in physical therapy?

Typically, it is "college algebra."

How do I apply to SB City College?

One can apply online or by visiting SB college. After applying online or by visiting admissions you need to attend classes when scheduled. You need to bring appropriate information that the board tells you to bring.

If you do not have management experience but have had classes in college How do you list some of your classes on your resume?

You would list your college classes under the "Education" portion of your resume. You would list the college you took the classes at then list the title of the classes you took as well as you cumulative GPA. You would need to note that you did not receive a degree from this institution, though. Another option would be to list the classes as certification or continuing education, particularly if you completed a certificate course or have just a few classes to list.

Do you have to pay for classes at college?

Yes, you do. The cost is per unit and grad programs are more. State university and college is cheaper than private colleges. You also have to pay for textbooks and other supplies you need for classes. The average cost of a year of college today is about 5,000.00, but of course that can be more depending on the university/college you attend.

What is the best college that offers business writing classes?

Finding the best college will depend on your individual circumstances. If you want to study online there are several options available, and if you want to attend college you will need to find out about courses in your local area.

What SAT score do i need to attend southwestern college in California?

what SAT score do i need to attend southwestern college in Chula Vista California.