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That really depends on what you career goal is with them. Mainly you want to be academically strong and ready for college. Foreign language skills are a big asset and might be where you should try to focus in highschool, languages like chinese, arabic, farsi, spanish or french. International studies is also important, understanding the nations around the world and where the people there are coming from is important in doing intelligence work. I don't think it matters as much what classes you take in High School, although any type of U.S. history or course that teaches you about the government and its workings/laws is good. In college though, you want to take a Criminal Justice or related major like psychology or such, but with a decent amount criminal justice courses. Your academic advisor can help you out with the specifics. Also, i know military experience is looked upon well, though i don't think that it is required. Its a definite plus though. The majority of people in those types of agencies have some sort of military background.

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In order to work for MI5;

Step1) You will only be considered for a job once you are over 18 years old, and have completed formal education, particularly gaining Maths and English GCSE.

Step2) To apply for a job you must have either a 2:1 at university or 300 UCAS points (three B's at A level) and three years of solid work experience, this does not come easy so you will need to work hard. There may be special consideration for applicates without these qualifications if they have had over five years of permanent work.

Step3) Working for MI5 is not how it seems in films; fast cars, gadgets and cocktails are reserved for James Bond not for Intelligance Officers on £23K a year. You will need to be passionate about the role and what it means to society.

Step4) To work for the MI5 you must not disclose any information to friends or family, you must only tell immediate family that you are applying for a job, if you do not think you will be able to keep secrets and work stories to yourself this may not be the job for you.

Step5) Are you someone who thrives working as part of a team? Are you known for your interigty and honesty? Do you have something that you can offer the service? If you have answered yes then applying for a job may be right for you.

Step6) Vacancies are put up on the MI5 website when they become available so keep your eye on the site and get your application in quickly

Step7 Once you apply for a role it may take up to six months to hear a reply so sit back and wait for the news.

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To prepare for the CIA exam, it is imperative that the student major in political science. The Central Intelligence Agency is a government agency that is responsible for maintaining the security of the United States in regards to classified information. In that regard, the political science major would supply the CIA agent with the information needed to pass the exam.

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Q: What classes should one take in college to become a spy?
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