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2 main garments and sandals

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What did poor people wear in ancient Greece?

what did poor people wear in ancient geece

What was the clothing for poor people in ancient Greece?

tell me

Were the people of ancient Greece rich?

Well truth be told ancient Greece was rich and poor. They had more poor people than rich. So it is partly a rich country but the percentage of poor is greater. The poor had to get two jobs to make a living but they still didnt get half the money the rich had.

Did the poor in ancient Greece get married at all?


Why is Greece so poor?

it an ancient contrey

What did people that were poor eat in ancient Greece?

bread water soup if lucky some lamb

What do poor people eat in ancient Greece?

they eat bread, butter, vegetables, fruits, water

What jobs did poor men do in ancient Greece?

They were beggars or farmers.

How does orphans get clothes?

people donate clothes to the poor and people probably count orphans ad the poor

What weapon's did poor soldiers use in ancient Greece?

they used daggers and poor quality armour

Why did the poor egyptians wear the clothes that they did?

The main cloth used in Ancient was linen which was difficult to make and expensive. It is most likely that poor people went naked.

Did rich and poor Families in Ancient Greece eat the same?


What type of clothes did poor Ancient Egyptians wear?

aye they didnt wear clothes if they were poor or like rags? sorry hope this was helpful lol

Why do poor people need clothes?

Poor people need clothes because everyone needs clothes. Just because they are poor doesn't mean they don't need clothes. Unfortuneately, poor people cannot always afford clothing. This is why there are places like the Salvation Army, or Goodwill that sell clothes for not very much money.

Poor ancient Greece houses?

they lived in houses made of bricks and mud

How did the oligarchy lose there power in ancient Greece?

soliders threw them out and poor helped

What did poor Victorians wear?

Poor Victorian people wore rags and clothes that had been thrown out by rich people. They had tatty clothes.

What did early Chinese people wear?

In ancient China ordinary people wore tunics, like a long t-shirt, poor people made their clothes out hemp or ramie, rich people wore silk clothes which had beautiful designs.

Why did oligarchy end in ancient Greece?

Because the oligarchs weren't nice to the lower class people and eventually the tyrants came to power. the poor people hated the oligarchs

Who made most architectural buildings in ancient Greece?

Most buildings in ancient Greece were made by slaves, as Greece was poor at that time, so they had no money to pay the workers with. ALthough the tricky stuff was left to the proffesionals.

How is life different between rich and poor in ancient Greece?

Im Not Gonna Answer It Figure it out

Are Greek people wealthy or poor?

Greece has both wealthy people and poor people. But many are middle class.

Where did the poor people live in ancient china?

The poor people in ancient china normally lived in villages or in farming areas.

Where did Aztec poor people get clothes from?

a shop

Why didn't ancient egyptians wear clothes?

Because they were very poor, children or slaves