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old fashion tops!!

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Q: What clothes did people wear in olden days on hot days?
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In the olden days what did they wear?

they wear loads of types of clothes in the olden days including sweatshirts.

What did olden people wear in olden days?

old looking clothes because it was the old times =p

What types of clothes did they used to wear in the olden days?

they used to wear pioneer-like clothing lenaboo and blonndee:bby roxx fashion

What did the people wear in the olden day?

old looking clothes because it was the old times =p

What kind of clothing do Netherlands people wear?

They wear clothes just like us and they (in the olden days) wore clogs for farming. Clogs are wooden - no cushioning - shoes that would have been very uncomfortable and tiresome on their feet.

What did Scottish wear in the olden days?


What type of clothes do the Japanese people wear?

In the old days, they wore kimonos. These days they wear clothes that are 'cool' like skinny jeans, and stuff. :)

What did explorers wear in the olden days?

i dont know actually

How did the people in Switzerland dress in the modern days?

They dont wear clothes

What type of clothes do olden day Italians wear?

long socks, bowties and top hats!

What clothing did the diggers wear in the olden days?

Diggers would have worn heavy trousers and boots. They would not have had many articles of clothing and would have worn the same things day after day.

What kind of clothes do central Americans wear?

This question is not very specific whether in olden times or present times. In the present, Central Americans wear clothes everyone else wears. I go to El Salvador every year and people don't dress differently than people here in the U.S.