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Q: What clothing brand has a Logo of a maple leaf with a capital 'M' in it I seen this jacket in Vancouver and want one?
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How affordable is Harley Davidson clothing?

Affordability depends on the type of clothing for the Harley Davidson brand. A men's denim jacket for example is priced at 52 dollars. An extender is 16 dollars.

Which is the most expensive NorthFace men jacket?

NorthFace is a clothing brand that sells many different types of clothing for men, women, and children. The prices of men's NorthFace jackets can vary, but the most expensive is about $220.

What clothing brand has the word 'double' in it?

Double A Brand (clothing)

When was THIS Brand Clothing created?

THIS Brand Clothing was created in 1989.

Something you wear that begins with the letter q?

Quarter strap shoes, Queen's Cross pendant, quick dry swimwear, quilted jacket, Quoddy brand shoes and Quicksilver brand T-shirts are clothing items.

What is a clothing brand for girls that start with a y?

Yumi Kim is a women's clothing brand. The brand features clothing that is 100% silk.

Is there a clothing brand named Daily?

No, there is no clothing brand named daily.

Who manufacturers kenar brand clothing?

who manufactors kenar brand clothing

What clothing brand starts with the letter i?

Izod is a clothing brand that starts with "i".

What is a Brand name of clothing starting with Z?

Zac Posen is a clothing brand. Zara is a brand of shoes.

When was Bench - clothing brand - created?

Bench - clothing brand - was created in 1989.

What clothing brand is 1775?

The brand name of U.S. Marine Corps clothing.