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Q: What college did Colts backup QB Jim Sorgi attend?
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Who has been an Indianapolis Colts backup quarterback?

Jim sorgi

Who is the the backup quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts?

Manning was the Colts 1st round draft choice in 1998 and started every game that season. The Colts starting quarterback in the 1997 season was Jim Harbaugh and the backups were Paul Justin and Kelly Holcomb.

Non starting quarterback in nfl for 4 years and has super bowl ring?

Jim Sorgi of the Indianapolis Colts. He has been the backup to Peyton Manning since 2004, has played in 15 games without starting one, and won a ring with the Colts in Super Bowl XLI.

Who are the men that were quarterbacks for the Indianapolis Colts?

The following have been quarterbacks for the Indianapolis Colts: Peyton Manning, Jim Sorgi, Curtis Painter.

Who is after Peyton Manning?

I assume by "after" you mean "backup". Since Jim Sorgi got cut, Curtis Painter is Peyton's backup.

Who was quarter back for colts in 2007?

Peyton Manning and Jim Sorgi played quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts during the 2007-08 season.

Who is the second team quarterback for the Colts?

For the 2008 season, that is Jim Sorgi who has been the Colts second team quarterback since the 2004 season.

What are Indianapolis Colts quarterbacks numbers?

Peyton Manning: #18, Curtis Painter: #7, and Jim Sorgi: #12.

How tall is Erica Sorgi?

Erica Sorgi is 5'6".

What is Jim Sorgi's birthday?

Jim Sorgi was born on December 3, 1980.

When was Jim Sorgi born?

Jim Sorgi was born on December 3, 1980.

What team does Jim sorgi play for?

Jim has played for the Indianapolis Colts since the draft of 2007. In 2010 he switched and now backs up Eli for the New York Giants. I <3 Jim