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Since Miley Cyrus who plays Hannah Montana is only 15 she has not attended college yet. She hasn't even graduated High School yet!

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What college did Hannah Montana go to on Hannah Montana forever?

In Hannah Montana Forever Miley Stewart goes to Stanford University, but Hannah Montana does not go to college at all, because she tells the world the truth about Hannah Montana and that Hannah Montana is not her real name.

Which college does Jackson go in the serial Hannah Montana?

Tennessee university

Did Nick Jonas go out with Hannah Montana?

ANSWER:yes, he did go out with Hannah Montana but they broke out.

Where Jackson go to college in the Hannah Montana movie?

University of Tennessee (UT Knoxville)

What happens at the end of the Hannah Montana show finale?

Miley and Lilly go to college

Why did Miley Cyrus stop being Hannah Montana?

she wanted to go to college and get an education

How can you answer this questionHow can you be on the show Hannah Montana?

go to Google type in Hannah Montana look up Hannah Montana scripts or Hannah Montana show and applie for the show.

Whatschool is Hannah Montana in?

Hannah Montana is does not go to school she is home schooled

Will Hannah Montana go out with an 11 year old?

No, Hannah Montana will not go out with an 11 year old.

How do you talk to Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus?

why are u fan of hannah montana? ok than go to hannah montana@fans

When can you meet Hannah Montana?

you meet Hannah Montana when you go to a concert or get VIP. tickets to she her

The school does Hannah Montana go to?

Hannah Montana is most likely home schooled

Why is Miley Cyrus mom not on Hannah Montana?

they never ask her to go on to Hannah Montana

Did Hannah Montana really go bald?

No, Hannah Montana, otherwise known as Miley Cyrus, did not go bald.

How do you chat with Hannah Montana?

if you want to know Hannah Montana go on booty on chat and ask everyone on there if they've seen Hannah Montana and you get get to know her.

Does Hannah Montana go on Fantage?

Hannah does not but her sister Noah does

What is the last episode of Hannah Montana forever about?

it is about miley trying to decide if she should go to Paris to be in a movie, or go to college with lily.

Hannah Montana DVDrip?

go on...

Do Hannah Montana go out with Iyaz?


When do tickets for Hannah Montana go on sale?

You can get Hannah Montana tickets on sale if you are a memeber at Miley

Where do you enter your Hannah Montana codewords?

you go to Disney channel and click on the Hannah Montana codewords picture

What is Hannah Montana lifestyle like?

Hannah Montana is always on the go and she loves her family but her parents are divorced

Which school does Hannah Montana go in?

Hannah Montana is a fictional person played by Miley Cyrus, who is homeschooled

Will there be college years on Hannah Montana?

No, the season at the moment is/was finished.

What shows do Hannah Montana act in?

Hannah Montana; That's so Suite Life of Hannah Montana; Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana; Hannah Montana: The Movie and Hannah Montana: The Concert that's it

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