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Q: What college did Henry Armstrong attend?
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Where did Patrick Henry's go to college?

Patrick Henry did not attend a college.

Where did Patrick go to college?

Patrick Henry did not attend a college.

Did Louis Armstrong attend school or college?

He might have gone to school for a few years but never went to college.

Did Neil Armstrong attend college?

Neil Armstrong got his BS from Purdue University and his Masters from USC. Gates in Wapakonita,Ohio

What college did Henry Knox attend?

The university of North Carolina

Did Columbus go to college?

No. He did attend the school of navigation by Prince Henry of Portugal.

Did Armstrong go to school at all?

Yes, Lance Armstrong went to high school at Plano East Senior High. He left the school to train with the Junior National Cycling Team. Lance Armstrong did not attend college.

What college did Henry ford attend?

Louis Cheverolet droped out of school in grade school

When did Henry Armstrong - umpire - die?

Henry Armstrong - umpire - died in 1945.

When did Samuel Henry Armstrong die?

Samuel Henry Armstrong died in 1916.

When was Samuel Henry Armstrong born?

Samuel Henry Armstrong was born in 1855.

When did Henry Bruce Armstrong die?

Henry Bruce Armstrong died in 1943.