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Q: What college did Jacob Tamme attend?
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What college did NFL player Jacob Tamme play for?

NFL player Jacob Tamme played for Kentucky.

When was Jacob Tamme born?

Jacob Tamme was born in 1985.

How tall is Jacob Tamme?

NFL player Jacob Tamme is 6'-03''.

What NFL team does Jacob Tamme play for?

Jacob Tamme plays for the Denver Broncos.

What position does Jacob Tamme play?

Jacob Tamme plays Tight End for the Denver Broncos.

What is Jacob Tamme's number on the Denver Broncos?

Jacob Tamme is number 84 on the Denver Broncos.

How old is Jacob Tamme?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NFL season Jacob Tamme is 29 years old.

How much does NFL player Jacob Tamme weigh?

NFL player Jacob Tamme weighs 230 pounds.

How many UK football players were drafted in 2008?

2- Andre Woodson (QB) and Jacob Tamme (TE)

How tall is Tamme Hanken?

Tamme Hanken is 207 cm.

When was SK Kiviõli Tamme Auto created?

SK Kiviõli Tamme Auto was created in 1999.

When was Tamme Hanken born?

Tamme Hanken was born in 1960, in Filsum, Lower Saxony, Germany.