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Q: What college did William sturgeon go to a college?
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When was William Sturgeon born?

William Sturgeon was born on May 22, 1783.

What is William Sturgeon's birthday?

William Sturgeon was born on May 22, 1783.

What invention did Sturgeon become famous for?

Just google sturgeon + inventor and you will get William Sturgeon.

When did William Sturgeon die?

William Sturgeon died on December 4, 1850 at the age of 67.

What did william sturgeon invent?

William Sturgeon invented the first Electromagnets and the first practical English electric motor.

Who made electromagnets?

William sturgeon

How did William sturgeon die?

Willam Sturgeon died of old age December4,1850 at the age of 67.

Did William Sturgeon have a wife and kids?

yes William did have a wife and kids

What country did William sturgeon come from?


Did William the Conqueror go to college?

No he didnt go to college

Where did William Travis go to college?

William B.Travis graduated from Austin,Texas college

Did William clark go to college?

No he did not went to college