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K-State, Oregon, Noter Dame, and Alabama are undefeated this year.

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Q: What college team is undefeated this year?
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What is the last undefeated team in college history?

1976 Indiana Hoosiers

What women's college basketbal team has the longest undefeated record?


What college football team had the most undefeated seasons?

Michigan State Spartans

What NFL team went undefeated in 1972?

the MIAMI DOLPHINS went undefeated in the year 1972

Which former Giant QB led his college team to an undefeated season?

Kerry Collins

What team has been undefeated the most in college football?

Not sure if they are the top but university of miami went undefeated many, many go with them

Does Oklahoma have an undefeated team this year?

No. They lost to Texas mid-season.

What was the last college team to go undefeated and not make the final four?

norh Carolina state

What undefeated Division 1A team in college football history has the most wins against top twenty opponents in the same year and how many?

Auburn 2010 5

What were the major news stories in Utah in 2008?

Utah Utes college football team went undefeated!

Which year did the Miami dolphin go undefeated?

The Miami Dolphins went undefeated in 1972. They are still the only team to go undefeated during the regular season to go on and win the Super Bowl.

What was the first women team to go undefeted?

The first women's team (college basketball) to go undefeated and win the title was Texas in 1985-86.