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What colleges accept low sat scores and low GPA?

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The state of Georgia has a college that will accept no SAT scores and a low high school GPA (Georgia Perimeter).

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There are many community colleges that will accept low SAT scores or accept students without an SAT score. Regular colleges will also accept students with low SAT scores if they have some interesting volunteer experience or skill.

Many colleges and universities will accept students with at least a 2.0 GPA in high school, even if accompanied by low SAT scores. Check with advisors, as well as college web sites.

Most colleges will not accept lower GPA's, except for community colleges and low-rate. Colleges. You need to keep looking for a decent college or raise your GPA.

community college and slum dog private college may accept you if you score low in ACT. don't afraid my dear kid

3.0 is pretty low for Rutgers, but if your SAT scores are very high, there might be a chance.

Any community college if you have completed high school.

Ga Perimeter will. They have a 2-year system & if you do good you can transfer to your dream college.

If the GPA is from high school, a 1.8 GPA would not be passing and would indicate they did not earn a high school diploma. Some community colleges will accept students that have a cumulative score that low from other colleges.

A Low GPA may result in you not getiing accepted into a selective college. This will directly effect your career, and you may not get a good job. Some colleges (known as liberal arts colleges) only bases their admissions 25% on your GPA. These colleges are private colleges, usually about 32 Thousand or so a year, and are for people who wish to explore many majors.

Low scores on the SAT, lover than a 3.5ish GPA, low to none extraciricular activities

A 2.5 is required, but in some cases they accept as low as a 2.0

No, it has to be at least 2.8 lower then that, the probably wont accept you. You can try really early.

Well, there really aren't many good colleges that will accpet such a GPA. there are many bad schools, however, and that will be your only choice, wither that or community college. did u slack off alot, cause that's a really low and really bad GPA. VCU will accept it, but that's there minimum. Basically you have the least possible GPA to make it into one of the worst universities in the *world*. I would recommend community college, because that's a horrible GPA.

Yeah. I would have to say that a 1.9 is a very low GPA. Yeah. I would have to say that a 1.9 is a very low GPA. Yeah. I would have to say that a 1.9 is a very low GPA.

AnswerNo, not necessarily. Many colleges have special provisions and waivers for students who were enrolled in college prep classes and can prove they have a learning disability.

the school has lowered its standards over the years. for certain colleges, it can be as low as a 2.5

There is a range of Sat Scores for about 1240- 1400+ Sat scores are a big part of whether or not you get excepted in Wake Forest but i know plently of people who have had very high sat scores such as 650, 750, and 760 with GPAS on the low side such as 3.0 and a 3.2 weighted who have been denied acceptance. GPA and rigor of classes is still the main concern through. There are many websites that will show you unweighted GPA, weighted GPA, and sat scores on all 3 sections for students who were accepted, denied, or on the waiting list. Hope this Helps.

community college and slum dog private college may accept you if you score low in ACT. don't afraid my dear kids.

If you're considering going there, you might want to rephrase the question to something like "What is the average SAT score for University of Miami?" Good colleges are more likely to accept you if you have a decent knowledge of grammar... Grammatical rant aside, I think the average is around 1900, maybe a little lower. But there's no "required" SAT score to get into any college. Colleges look at a lot more than SAT scores; if you have a good GPA and have done a good amount of extracurricular activities/volunteer work but you have relatively low SAT scores, you can still have a pretty good chance of getting in.

It varies. Perfect SAT scores have been rejected from Columbia. Low SATs are here and I know some of them. But GPA are all high. The SATs are not everything anymore. GPA is still a big factor. A 3.6 and lower will not get you in. A 3.8-3.9 is the average. A 4.0 is very common among accepted students. Good Luck

I don't know how much you could raise it. I guess it would depend on how low it was and how much better your grades are now. Even if it doesn't improve a big amount, it is still worth it to try. Every little bit counts. Even if you don't have a sky high GPA, colleges may still accept you.

Very few outside of a Community College [2 year degree program]. With that D- grade average, it's not a pretty sight - but within the 2 years in community college, you can bring those grades up if you apply yourself.Doubtful any 4 year institution would accept you with that low of a grade.

If the possible exception to your low GPA is your math and chemistry grades, maybe yeah - you can. If your low GPA grades are represented by your math and chemistry grades - no chance.

They might.Some ways a person with a low GPA can improve their chances at joining the Citadel isShow leadershipHave a military backgroundHave excellent physical fitnessHave good recommendationsBe good at sports

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