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Colleges are not elegible to become Game Wardens. Rephrase your question.

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Q: What colleges are available in the state of Texas to become a game warden?
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Where is Local Texas game warden academy?

The Texas Game Warden Academy is located in Hamilton, Texas.

Who has more authority in the state of Texas game warden or Texas ranger?

Game Warden

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How many colleges in Texas?

Texas has a total of 208 Colleges and Universities .

You want to be a game warden is it hard to get employed with just an high school degree?

In Texas you have to have a bachelors degree (4 year college degree) in order to become a Game Warden. I imagine it's about the same every where else.

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What are the hours of a game warden in Texas?


Can a Texas game warden enter your home?


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Texas A&M