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There seems to be a number of ways to go to prepare for the field, and all seem to include some business courses.

--I'm looking into this major as well. Depending on where in the country (I'm assuming US) you'd like to go, there are many choices! Most of the schools group "event planning" with Hospitality. For example, at San Diego State, you can get your Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality and Tourism Management: Emphasis on Events, Conventions and Attractions Management. I was really intrigued by La-sell College, in MA, but it's way too far from home for me.

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Q: What colleges have event planning majors?
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What colleges in South Carolina have event planning?

University of Carolina is one of the institution of higher learning that has an event planning. The other colleges that have event planning include College of Charleston, Greenville Technical College, and Midlands Technical College.

What colleges in Ohio have event planning courses?

Ohio state

What type of majors would relate to event planning?

As one option, you can look into hospitality management.

WHAT colleges in Sacramento for event planning wedding coordinator?

California State University and Northwestern California University are colleges that would prepare a student for a career as an event planning wedding coordinator. A major in business would be beneficial.

Colleges with wedding planner majors?

There are actually no colleges that offer Wedding Planning as a major. You can, however, take online classes or a sort of vocational school for proper training.

What Orlando colleges offer event management and planning for graduate studies?

University of Central Florida

What colleges offer a degree in Event Planning in South Carolina?

The University of South Carolina-Columbia offers a Sports and Entertainment program and you can specialize in event management

Colleges for photography?

Some colleges that have majors in photography are MICA, SCAD, and Corcoran. There are colleges all over that have photography as a major.

What colleges in the philippines offer psychology majors?


What colleges that study art?

Most colleges have art departments and majors in different types of art.

Do I need event planning school for my job?

Yes, there are many classes that you should take relating to planning. In order to be a planner, you should probably check with your local colleges about available classes.

At what colleges can you get an event planning degree and be in the KD sorority? Here is a list of all of the Chapters.

What military colleges offer music majors?

prima gunnard.

What is English to French translation for event planning?

"Event planning" is "événementiel". "I work in event planning" would be "je travaille dans l'événementiel".

What kind of education is needed for a job in event planning and production?

Event planning and production involves planning ceremonies, parties, concerts, or conventions. There is no formal education requirements for an event planning and production job.

How big is the event planning market?

The event planning market is a growing field. Event planners are used in wedding planning, graduation parties, birthday events and now even planning the perfect proposal.

Which schools in Missouri are good for journalism majors?

Universities are very good options for journalism majors. Journalism is offered at most colleges and universities.

What are some colleges in New York City for lawyers and political science majors?

Well, there are many colleges in New York City offers a variety of courses and programs towards lawyers and political science majors. They also offer internships towards the students upon graduation from the colleges.

Business Event Planning?

Business Event Planning is the organizing and implementation of business related events. For instance, planning a business conference by selecting the venue, organizing the catering and keeping track of attendees is considered Business Event Planning.

What is wgc golf event?

A WGC event is a World Golf Championship event, these are the most prestigious golf events after the majors.

Where can I learn more about large corporate events planning?

You can find informationa bout the basics of event planning by searching event planning on About. They have useful info.

What colleges offer degrees in photography?

A few are Corcoran, MICA, VCU, JMU, and SCAD.Most art and liberal art colleges have photography majors.

Conference Event Planning?

Conference event planning services must receive top level attention when guests and presenters will be traveling from near and far to attend your event. The time invested in planning should result in a problem free event.

Hire an Event Planner?

Planning an event can be a stressful time with many details to organize. The easiset way to avoid frustration during event planning is to hire an event planner.

Are there jobs out there that include event planning?

You can find a good job that involves event planning at They have quiet a few listings for this type of job. The pay for a job that includes event planning is very good.