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Blueberries are purple on the inside. You can put them into a blender and see. Some blueberries will have a white center. Those are different but look very identical. Next time you buy blueberries slice it open to see.

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2010-05-24 19:07:08
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Q: What color are blueberries inside?
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What color are blueberries?

Blueberries are truly purple.But generally, they are blue.

Can blueberries paint an egg?

Blueberries, or an extract of blueberries, can used to color eggs, but the color does not last. It quickly fades and turns a gray color. It is not a commonly used natural dye for making pysanky, but might be useful for ordinary Easter eggs.

What color is blueberries?

Blue, President Bush.

Why would inside of mouth or lips discolor dark purple color?

The inside of the mouth or lips might discolor a dark purple color if the person is eating a dark colored candy. This may also happen if a person is eating blackberries or blueberries.

Are blueberries green on the inside?

Blueberries can have green, blue, or purple insides. It really varies on what type of blueberry, and how ripe it is.

Why are blueberries called blueberries if their insides are green?

Once blueberries are ripe the inside is also blue. Plus the outside is blue. Blueberry is a perfect name for a berry the blue.

Are blueberries actually blue?

They are actually blue on the outside and purple on the inside.

Are some blueberries white inside instead of purple or red?


What colors are in blueberries?

Purple blue thats what color blue berries are

What color do blueberries turn in an acidic solution?

Blueberries turn blue at around pH 2.8 -3.2. But it will turn red if it is more acidic.

Why are blueberries called blueberries if they are really purple?

No, they are navy blue not purple. Hence they are named blueberries.

Did indians use blueberries to make the color blue?

no, ironically enough. In fact they used them to make the color purple.

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