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* Jake is red * Sam is black * Embry is brown * Seth is sandy colored * Leah is gray * Paul is silver/grey * Quil is chocolate brown

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Who were the two new werewolves at the end of Eclipse?

Seth and Leah Clearwater were the two new werewolves at the end of Eclipse.

How many werewolves were there at the end of eclipse?

I believe there are 8.

Do the Cullens and the werewolves fight in eclipse?

Yes they do... They fight the Cullens (except Edward) and all the Werewolves (except Jacob)

What time was the first strategy meeting with the werewolves in eclipse?


How many werewolves are there in eclipse?

There are all together 17 werewolves but the main ones are : Jacob Embry Sam Quil Leah Seth

What is a werewolves favorite color?


Is eclipse by Stephenie Meyer fiction or nonfiction?

It is fiction. Vampires and werewolves do not exist.

Who were the 2 new werewolves near the end of eclipse?

Leah and seth clearwater.

The battle of Werewolves and Vampires?

twilight new moon eclipse and breaking dawn

What books have legends of werewolves and vampires?

twilight,new moon, eclipse and breacking dawn

Who is seth and Leah in twilight?

They are werewolves from the Quilete Tribe. They don't appear until Eclipse.

What color of eclipse makes you blind?

it can be any color it just depends on what type of eclipse

Are werewolves able to change their eye color?

Since werewolves are fictitious creatures, whether or not they are able to change their eye color depends entire on who is writing about them in a particular story.

What are the differences between the books new moon and eclipse?

in new moon Bella has to pick a side and in eclipse the werewolves and cullens come together to kill Victoria!

What does imprint mean in the book Eclipse in the twilight series?

In the book Eclipse, imprinting is the behavior among shapeshifters, or in this case, werewolves, where a shapeshifter finds his or her soul mate.

Is eclipse the book realistic fiction?

No. That book is fiction, and fiction means not true. Vampires and werewolves are not real.

What color does a werewolves eyes change when it gets mad?

what ever color its eyes are after ir has morphed

What is the ending in eclipse?

The ending in eclipse is simple, really. the cullens and the werewolves fight Victoria and the newborns, edward kills Victoria, and half of Jacob's skeleton gets broken by a newborn.

Which one of these is not a Werewolf in Eclipse twilight?

the werewolves in eclipse are..........Sam UleyJacob BlackPaulJaredQuil AteraEmbry CallSeth ClearwaterLeah Clearwater

What happens to a werewolf on a solar eclipse?

A werewolf is a fictional creature. As far as I have seen, the topic of what would happen on a solar eclipse wasn't treated in any of the stories I read about werewolves.

How much did the movie Eclipse gross?

The movie Eclipse, with vampires and werewolves, has grossed close to a half billion dollars. This includes international income as well as income in the United States.

Do the werewolves team up with the vampires in eclipse?

yes the wolf pack help the cullens to kill the newborn vampires

Who become werewolves in eclipse?

First it was Sam, then Paul and Jared, Embry, then Jacob and Quil, Seth and finally, Leah.

Why do the Cullens team up with the werewolfs in Eclipse the movie?

The Cullens team up with the werewolves in Eclipse in order to ensure a sure win against the newborn vampires. The Cullens team up with the werewolves only after the Denali clan refuses to back up the Cullens in the fight against Victoria's newborns. If the Cullens had not teamed up with the werewolves then they would have won but some of them might not have survived the fight.

Color are werewolves?

Werewolves 'inherit' the hair colour of the person the condition possesses. So you can have black, brown, red, blond, gray, salt and pepper, and even albino werewolves. But not bald, never bald.