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male panthers are the same colors as the female

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Q: What color are the male panthers?
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What are male panthers called?

Male panthers are called bananas because they love to eat bananas

Do panthers eat their babies?

No. Male panthers may be a threat to young panthers but generally speaking, no, panthers do not cannibalize their young.

What is an panthers nose color?

I think a panthers nose is black

Do male panthers hunt?


How do black panthers change as it grows into an adult?

Baby black panthers change their fur color as its a adult

What do the Carolina Panthers color mean?

The black which is the main color of a black leopard or (panther) is supposed to signify the panthers main color, the silver trim the panthers have is to show the same silver tint a panther has in the light and the Carolina blue is to represent the carolinas. the panthers icon is also the shape of North and South Carolina conjoined if you look at it just right.

Do panthers live in tropical rain forest?

"Black Panthers" do live in the rain forests. But these are the only kind of panthers that do. They live there with the assistance of their black color.

What do you call a male panther?

You would call a group of panthers a leap. However, panthers are usually alone and do not roam in groups.

Where are panthers found?

Panthers are not a breed in and of itself, but a member of the large cat family that is black in color. Panthers are native to three continents in the world; Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Is a male panther a carnivore?

YES, once they are weaned, all panthers are carnivores.

Are black panthers and jaguars the same?

They can be- the black panther is a melanistic color variation of any Panthera species. The black panthers in Asia and Africa are leopards (Panthera pardus), but the black panthers in the Americas are black jaguars (Panthera onca).

How are pumas different from panthers?

Well pumas are a blondish color and there a puma like they are and a panther is black and panthers are just leopards born with black fur. Hope that helped