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Q: What color does green and red mixed make?
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What color does green and red make when mixed together?

Brownish color

What color will blue red green yellow make when mixed?

dark or hunter green

What color would you make if you mixed red and green together?


What color does light blue and pink make when mixed together?


What color does yellow and green and red mixed together make?


What secondary colours do Red Green Blue make?

Since green is a secondary color, mixing it with any color would make a tertiary color. But red and green are complimentary colors and therefore would make a brown-black color. So blue, green and red mixed together would make and ugly brown color that's tinted with blue.

What color does red green mixed together make?

Black Or Brown. They are both primary colors.

What color would you get if you mixed red and green?

Red and Green being opposite each other on the color wheel, you should get a grey color if proper amounts of each color are mixed together.

What color mixed with red will make orange?

Red mixed with yellow will make orange.

What color is not a primary color of light?

Red, green, and blue light can be mixed in different proportions to produce any other color of light. No other combinations of light can be mixed to make red, green, or blue light so they are considered primary colors. Yellow for A+ Users

What does the color red mixed with color green what color will you get?

depends how much red and how much green, but you will more than likely get a shade of yellowish orange

Green and red mixed together what is the color?

I think the color of love .. maybe