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A very deep blue.

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Q: What color is Ciel's earring in Ciel in Wonderland?
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Which number episode does Ciel in wonderland take place in kuroshitsuji?

Ciel in Wonderland is the Ciel in Wonderland OVA, it has no episode number; but it does have two parts.

What kind of key does Ciel wear in Ciel in wonderland?

A skeleton key.

What is the word 'rainbow' when translated from English to French?

"un arc-en-ciel" - pl. "des arcs-en-ciels"

Where can you watch ciel in wonderland?


Who killed ciels parents in black butler?

At this point the answer to that question is unknown. When we find out, the Manga will most likely end shortly after.

What did ciel phantomhive talk to Sebastian michaelis about when ciel is already a demon?

if you are talking about when they left the in the cart (there are spoilers) then he talked about why sebastian stabbed ciel and ciel said is it because you wanted to kill me before he became a demon but sebastian said no it was because he wanted to check if ciel was really a demon. they also talked about why sedastian still serves ciel, it was because before he became a demon he ordered sebastian to stay his butler until ciels soul is eaten because of that sebastian is now his butler forever hope that helped (sorry for my poor english)

What color is bleu ciel?

Sky blue

What happens after Ciel turns to a demon?

ciel turn into a demon by Hannah who used a spell that's what the words were that she said and why Sebastian was suprised when she said the words and hurt ciel. Hannah did this because it was alois is wish to have no one eat ciels soul.

Who is Sebastian girlfriend in black butler?

sebastian does not have a gf nor bf but in the end of season 1 on black butler on netflix it show's them kissing !? i know but that's not true because the anime stopped following the manga after season 1 :| so just a little info-

Why Sebastian didnt take ciels soul in manga isn't his revenge completed like in anime?

Well that what i thought but it turns out that Ciel's revenge isn't over and Sebatian cant take his soul since the contract isn't finished. >.< P.S i hate alois and i love ciel, Sebastian, grelle, and finny!

Is ciel a girl?

No, Ciel is male.

What is a ciel?

'Ciel' is the french word for 'Sky'.