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The colour would change to a purple, dark purple colour.

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Q: What color is a postitive protein test?
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What color matches with sandal color?

orange. i love the color for its representation of postitive energy

What color is a negative biuret test for protein?

A negative test would result in a color that is notviolet.

Can you fake a pregnancy test to show postitive results?


What color test tube is used for a total protein blood test?


Used to test for protein hydrolysis which was indicated by a yellow color?


What are the results of Biuret test for protein in hamburger juice?

changes color

What is indication of violet color in biuret test of enzymes?

The presence of protein.

If your partner test postitive for HIV and you test negative what conclusions can be made about that?

Conclusion: Your partner has hiv and you don't.......yet.

What color is a positive test for protein?

A positive test, when using Biuret reagent, would be purple-ish

What test could you use to determine whether an unlabeled test tube contain an amino acid or protein?

You could use a biuret test, because a positive result (signified by the presence of pink-violet color) indicates the presence of a protein with two or more peptide bonds. If such a protein is not present, the blue color of the cupric sulfate (which indicates a negative result) will remain.

If protein is present what color will appear after using the Biuret test?

If soluble protein is present the solution will turn from light blue to purple. if there is none there will be no reaction.

What color will a peptide bond be after using the Biuret test?

in biuret test the presence of peptide bonds gives a violet color. but it should be noted that a minimum of two peptide bonds should be present in the protein to get a positive answer to this test.

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