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Spiders come in a variety of colors that include black and brown. Some spiders have stripes of black and yellow. There are spiders that are shades of orange, green, and yellow.

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What is the main color on Spider-Man's suit?

The main color for the spider man suit is red and blue.

What color are hybrid spider monkeys?

Hybrid spider monkeys are brown.

How can you identify a baby black widow?

You Check the color of the spider, it is gonna be the same color of a adult spider. Or bring a book about Black Widows with you!

What color is the spider on Spider-Man's suit?

Red- surrounded by the blue on his back.

What color is the spider in Spider SolitaIre?

I'm pretty sure it's red and black.

What color is the Spider-Man suit?

Red, blue and the center is a black spider.

What kind of spider is White and Pink?

A spider that is white and pink is called a crab spider because of its color. This type of spider produces a venom that is harmful to humans. The cousin to this spider is the tarantula.

Is a crab spider a indoor or outdoor spider?

it is an outdoor spider they live in flowers and can change there color and prey on any thing that visits that flower

What color is Charlotte in Charlottes Web?

Charlotte was a black spider in the cartoon.Charlotte was a yellow spider in the real life.

What is the Spider color of blood?

spiders blood are clear

What is the Color of spider blood?

The spiders blood is blue.

What color is spider venom?

spider's venom is green.

What kind of spider is white or creamy in color with a black bottom part?

brown reclusefalse black widowwolf spidercave tooth spider

What type of spider is gray in color and hairy like a tarantula?

a wolf spider looks like a tarantula but much smaller

What is the appearance for the spider?

A spiders appearance is: A spider has eight legs, its color is mostly black brown or white, and it can have four or two eyes.

What is the common name for a spider monkey?

That is its common name. They are further described mostly by color and habitat. Red-faced spider monkey White-fronted spider monkey Brown spider monkey (aka Hybrid Spider Monkey) White-cheeked spider monkey Black-headed spider monkey Brown-headed spider monkey Ornate spider monkey (subspecies Geoffroy's) Peruvian spider monkey Colombian spider monkey (Geoffroy's spider monkeys:) - Yucatan spider monkey - Mexican spider monkey - Nicaraguan spider monkey

What color are spiders eyes?

usually red or black depens on what spider it is.

What color does Spider-Man turn in the 2007 blockbuster Spider-Man 3?

Black and here is a image: DB20060628_spiderman3.jpg

What type of spider is a red spider?

There are several spiders that are red, have red as their main color, or have some red among other colors. There are so many thousands of species of spiders that just knowing the color scheme of one spider is not likely to lead to a good identification of the spider's species.

Is white a Halloween color?

It could be, because of the color of ghosts, spider webs, etc. , but the original colors are orange and black

What color is spider poop?

It is mostly purple, but it can become green when they fall sick.

What kind of spider has a bright red back?

The red-backed jumping spider a large jumping spider found in North America with a bright red color on the abdomen of both the males and females in the species.

What spider walks sideways and changes color?

The Russian Optiplex Spider is able to do both of those things as well as jump up to 5 ft!

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