What color is a zebra's butt?


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it is white and black with a vortex of pink

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In nature, no, there are no pink zebras. But if you draw them, you can color than pink or any color you want--they are your zebras.

It is commonly believed that zebras are able to see in color. However, they are not able to distinguish the color orange.

Zebras are white with black stripes. You can tell it by examining the color of their bellies.

Zebras give birth in quiet and warm conditions such as, under a tree near some water.and the zebra comes out of the butt

White with black stripes

That is not physically possible.

Your question does not make any sense? Sorry. But your toes are the same color as your butt. Look in the mirror.......

rainbow what do you think weirdo

Most zebra's hooves are black.

Because of its black and white color.

It matches the rest of me.

Eat food coloring but watch out will turn butt color too Eat food coloring but watch out will turn butt color too

They usually have brown stripes instead of black

zebra fur is white with black stripes

It's my butt in your face.

Zebras's stripes are brown and white and black and white

Zebras cannot see the colour white

no because if they can see a lion from miles away they must not be.

most animals are color blind, the zebras stripes allow them to blend in with the grass because it looks like their are the grass, until they move.

Zebras have black stripes.Zebras do not have black stripes at all. Zebras are white with brown stripes but their stripes darken as the age. Look at a picture of a baby zebra and examine the color yourself! :-)

Besides having the same exact features, besides color?

One of the colors zebras cannot see is orange

because the stripes and the color and the hourses are way much taller.

Zebra stripes are both black and white. It is neither black on white or white on black. Zebras have pink skin. So it is black and white on pink.

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