What color is bromine gas?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: What color is bromine gas?
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What is the chemical formula for bromine gas?

What happens to bromine gas in a sealed tube when it is cooled and later heatedAnswer:When bromine is cooled and then heated in a sealed container, the bromine juice starts evolving in a gaseous state. It then becomes a gas i.e. bromine gas which is red-brown in color

What element has a reddish color in a gas and liquid state?

You think probable to bromine (Br).

What colour is bromide gas?

Bromine is a liquid at room temperature, but after 58,8 0C bromine become a gas.

What caused some gas to be visible?

Gas is only visible by having a certain color: Chlorine: greenish yellow, Iodine: purple, Bromine: redish brown. No color, not visible.

How many moles of bromine atoms in 1 mole of bromine gas Please show equation?

Bromine exists as a diatomic gas. Thus, there are two moles of bromine atoms in 1 mole of bromine gas.

Is bromine gas a compound?

No, bromine is an element.

How many moles of bromine gas are in 37.7 grams?

.467 mol of Bromine gas

What are the 3 states of the element bromine?

Liquid = Bromine Solid = Solid Bromine Gas = Bromine vapor

Will bromine gas get darker if there is a lot of it?

Bromine gas, like any other transparent colored substance, will appear darker if viewed through a thick layer than through a thin one. Otherwise, the color does not change with amount of material.

What noble gas comes before bromine?

The noble gas that comes before bromine is argon.

What is the state color and luster of bromine?

Bromine is a red liquid.

Is bromine gas a mixture or compound?

Neither, bromine is an element.