What color shoes do you wear with a black and white dress?


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2009-07-25 07:42:03
2009-07-25 07:42:03

The best color for black white dress is white dress shoes or black dress sandals.

And I recommended you see these shoes in the link below.


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no black...this is not halloween. Try a white color.

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There are many different shoes that can be worn with a white dress. It will just depend on the style of the dress. For a formal dress wear white shoes. For a casual dress, wear any color from black to red to tan.

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White shoes are a good match to go with a blue violet dress or black

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Black "dress" shoes goes with any color suits/sportcoats. Brown "dress" shoes goes well with suits/sportcoats that are in any shades/tones of brown or white.

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white color shoes match of pink dress

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