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What color solar cover is best?

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Can you leave your solar cover on and then cover your pool?

Chemicals in the water will degrade the plastic and diminish the life span of the solar cover, you can do it, but storing the cover dry is the best solution if you want it to last.

What smart cover color is best for a white IPad?

The Apple iPad cover is the best. It has amazing durability.

Why is black to the best color to collect solar system?


Best color for solar heating panels?

ther best colour for a solar panel is black because it will exsob the heat faster

Is it best to keep a solar pool cover on or off during sunny days?


Should you leave the solar cover on while running a heater for pool?

I always left the solar cover on the pool except when I was swimming in it. The solar cover provided enough heat so I did not need to turn on my heater. If the heater pushes the solar cover aside, remove the solar cover from that part of the pool.

What is an ETF that cover Solar stocks?

KWT and TAN both cover the solar space.

Will blonde hair color cover all gray hair?

Yes. Blonde is the best to cover gray hair.

What are the best swimming pool covers?

It depends on what you are looking for the cover to do. Do you want a Solar cover, Heat Retention or debris. You can look at Plastica's website for more info

What color will be best used on solar panels?

puppy pawed pink and red its my favorite pattern

Does medium ash brown hair color cover orange?

Yes, a medium ash brown hair color should cover a previous orange color. Since blue neutralizes orange, it's best to use a color that has a blue base.

What colors absorb solar energy best?

black, its a darker color so it would absorb more heat than a lighter color.

Do you put the smooth or bubble side down on a solar cover?

When I purchased my solar cover I was told to have the bubbles down. This is logical since the bubble side is gray in color and the flat side is blue. Yes, and you want the bubbles that collected the heat to be in the water to add to the temp. k

Can you put a solar cover on bubbles down?

Solar cover bubbles are always facing down, smooth side up

What hair dye color covers gray hair?

"I find the best hair color to completely cover gray hair is L'Oreal

Should you leave the vinyl pool cover on when using a solar blanket or does the pool cover above the solar blanket hinder the solar blanket's performance?

Remove the vinyl cover when using a solar blanket to warm the water. If the vinyl cover is used at the same time as the solar blanket, the vinyl cover absorbs most of the heat and then transfers the heat into the air or water between the vinyl cover and the solar blanket. Then the heat transfers to the solar blanket and then, finally, into the water. When this happens, a lot of heat remains in the vinyl cover and air/water between the two covers instead of getting into the water. It is preferable to have the heat absorbed by the solar cover and then transfer directly into the water. Hope this helps... Too much redundancy in pool covers.

How do you put on a solar cover?

Lay your solar cover, bubble side down on top of the pool Just want to add, we bought a solar cover for our above ground Intex pool. The cover completely covers the pool and keeps the pool water very warm (which is the purpose). However, you need to double your chlorine to keep from getting algae. It's almost like having a spa. When I lift the solar cover, there is condensation on the cover and steam coming out. So you need to really watch your chlorine levels. : You may also want to try using a liquid solar cover. They are really easy and relatively of all, you don't have to put them on and pull them off all the time. Check out

Pool solar cover?


What color solar blanket works best?

black because black takes in light and creates heat better than any other color.

What solar cover heats the pool water the best?

The fact is none of them make a great deal of difference to the temperature of the water.

What is the best hair color for African American women?

African Americans skin tones cover a vast array of shades from the dark indigo to cream so it would be impossible to say which color is "best" for African American women. The best hair color for anyone is the color which is is most complimentary to their skin color.

Why do the bubbles go face down on a solar cover?

The bubbles go face down on the solar cover because when the sun hits the smooth side if the cover it warms the bubbles up on the other side & the bubbles on the solar cover holds more heat than the smooth side

What color is a solar pannel?

solar panels can be blue or black.

Do you leave the solar pool cover on an above ground pool while the pool filter is running?

Yes, the solar pool cover does not effect the filter.

What is The difference in a solar blanket and a solar cover?

They are the same thing basically. Pool Cover, Solar Cover, solar Blanket are all used interchangeably. It's basically some material, usually a plastic bubble mesh or vinyl covering that goes over the pool. The exception to this is Winter Cover which generally is heavier and designed to protect your pool during long winter months.