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Q: What color would Potassium nitrate burn?
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What does Potassium nitrate do when met with oxygen?

Potassium nitrate itself is a source of oxygen, and it is not flammable by itself. So in oxygen, even in a very high amount of it, nothing would happen. However, if any combustible substance is combined with potassium nitrate and ignited, it would burn.

Is potassium nitrate flameable?

Potassium nitrate itself is not flammable. Only when it is combined with something that has the potential to burn (sugar, wood chips, glycerin, etc), it can increase the flammability and burn rate of that substance.

What element burn the color purple?


What color does lithium nitrate burn?

The color of lithium in the flame test is red.

When potassium nitrate burns what kind of gas is produced?

Potassium nitrate doesn't burn The oxidation numbers of all of the elemnst are K +1, N +5 so they are as oxidised as they can get. Potassium nitrate was a constiten t of gun powder- it was a source of oxygen for the explosive combustion of the carbon and sulfur

Explain the effect of the nitrate ion in solution on the color emission?

The nitrate ion is the oxidizing agent in the compound without it you could not burn the chemicals and you could not produce a spectrum so there would be no emission of color

What color flame do you get when you burn potassium K?

A lilac-violet color

What color do you get when you burn potassium chloride?

A lila color, from potassium spectral lines.

What flame color do you get when you burn potassium?

Lilac to Purple-Red

What color do you get when you burn potassium?

Someone told me it burns blue or purple.

What are the hazards of sodium nitride?

Potassium nitrate isn't terribly corrosive or poisonous or anything. It is an oxidizer, specifically a class 1 oxidizer. Potassium nitrate when mixed with something that could burn (sugar, paper, etc) increases the flammability of that product. But potassium nitrate alone isn't flammable.

What do you put on linstock to make it burn slowly?

you make a solution of potassium nitrate and water and soak cotton rope in it and then let dry.