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The Minnesota Vikings are a football team. The jerseys are purple, white and yellow. This tam is a highly valued team for many communities, they doe charity events for kids and raise money for other events.

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Q: What colors are Minnesota Vikings jerseys?
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The Minnesota Vikings logo contains two white Vikings horn where does the team use those on their uniforms?

The Minnesota Vikings uniforms do not display the two white horns version of the logo at present. Instead they display the word 'Vikings' which is usually in the front middle of the jerseys.

What are the team Colors for NFL Minnesota Vikings?

There main color is purple, also yellow and white. THere home Jerseys are Purple while there away is white with Purple stripes on the sleeves. ** The colors are actually purple, gold, and white!** Fixed by Die Hard Vikings Fan, with a shout out to Steph, for pointing out the error in this answer! :-)

Why are the stripes different on the Minnesota Vikings road and home jerseys?

Every NFL team has a different style of jersey for playing on the road.

Why do vikings trade?

Its a online jersey shop that selling nfl jerseys,nhl jerseys,mlb jerseys,nba jerseys and soccer jerseys

What is Minnesota's NFL football team?

The Minnesota Vikings.

When was Minnesota Vikings created?

Minnesota Vikings was created in 1961.

How long have the Minnesota vikings been in Minnesota?

The Minnesota Vikings have been in Minnesota since August 1959.

What team does Adrian Peterson play on now?

Adrian Peterson plays for the Minnesota Vikings.

Have the Minnesota Vikings won their division?

As of 2009, the Minnesota Vikings are division champs.

What is Greg Childs's number on the Minnesota Vikings?

Greg Childs is number 85 on the Minnesota Vikings.

How long Minnesota Vikings existence?

The Minnesota Vikings have been in the NFL since 1961.

Does the NFL sell Vikings jerseys?

"Yes the NFL does sell all 32 team's jerseys, including the Vikings. The stores or on line shops will say Official NFL distributors."