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Q: What colors do typewriter ribbon come in?
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What is the use of a typewriter ribbon?

The typewriter ribbon is the store of ink for the typewriter. When a typewriter key is pushed the letter springs up and hits the ribbon - pushing the ink onto the page in the shape of the letter.

How do you change typewriter ribbon of a Smith Corona vintage?

How do you change the typewriter ribbon of a Smith Corona 1940?

Where can Smith Corona typewriter ribbon be purchased?

The best site to purchase Smith Corona typewriter ribbon (considering price and reliability) is via Ebay. The typewriter ribbon can also be bought on TigerDirect.

Where might I find a typewriter ribbon?

A typewriter ribbon can be found at many places in stores as well as online. One place that sells typewriter ribbons online and in stores is Office-depot.

Where can you get typewriter ribbon? has just about every typewriter ribbon, Time Clock Ribbon and Cash Register ribbon ever made. Flat rate shipping of 4.95. Toll free in the USA 800-982-9989

Who patented the typewriter ribbon?

There are lot of types of typewriter ribbons present in the patent database.

What ribbon should a Remington monarch typewriter have?

Product ID: BR277 universal ribbon

Where can find an typewriter ribbon for an 319 Underwood typewriter?

I'm not sure about your exact typewriter, but about 95% of typewriters use a standard 1/2 inch ribbon, there are many places that sell them online, a reliable one is shown below.

Where can I find the typewriter ribbon?

Typewritter ribbon can usually be found in stores such as OfficeMax, local typewriter supply companies, and many small, local shops within a person's location.

How do you install a new ribbon on swintec typewriter series 8000?

Open the cover, push the red lever on the right hand side of the ribbon towards the front of the typewriter, and lift the old ribbon off, replace with new ribbon, pull the lever back towards the keyboard and close the lid.

Where can you buy you ribbon for a Barbie typewriter?

Typewriter ribbons can be found on Amazon, EBay, and online at typewriter supply stores. Online Typewriter stores will have the largest selection so that the correct size can be found.

What is the price of Brother typewriter ribbons?

The price of Brother typewriter ribbons will vary depending on the model of typewriter the ribbon is for. As a guide prices on Amazon range from «£5-«£10.