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Q: What colour is Julia Gillard's hair?
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What is Julia gillards's favorite food?

julia gillards favourite food happens to be cheese

What is Julia gillards favourite COLOUR?


How long is Julia Gillards wanting to be leader of Australia?

As long as she can.

What was Julia Gillards favourite treat when she was in you 6?

Oh correct

What are Julia Gillards favourite Hobbies?

To be Famous and win Elections!

What are Julia Gillards responsibilities?

the leader of the labor party and to run the country.

What is Julia Gillards mum name?

The parents of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard are John and Moira Gillard.

What are Julia Gillards personal Traits?

She helps improve Australia. She will do anything to help Australia.

What did the goddess of the rainbow iris use Harald's rod for?

She used Julia Gillards nose

Who Is Sharyn Ghidella from Seven News?

She has an annoying voice that sounds like Julia Gillards Voice but far more annoying than Julia Gillards Voice and Sharyn Ghidella has a Horrible Smile that looks like a creepy smile from a jack in a box.

What are Julia Gillards personal interests and hobbies?

afl and she supports the western bulldogs she also likes to knit

Who was the blond with Julia gillard at the foootball?

dont know but she was on the tv today with gillards unveiling of her new cabinet she was in the background