What colours do i mix to get gold?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: What colours do i mix to get gold?
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What colours mix to make gold?

Yellow , brown and white

What colours do you mix to get other colours?

Primary colours are red blue and yellow and you mix combinations of them for new colours!!

What color pups do you get when you Breed a Gold Male and Red and White Female Shih Tzu?

Probably a mix between those colours.

What colours do you get if you mix red?

With what?

What colors can be combined to form the secondary colors?

red, yellow and blue are primary colours, if you mix them together you will get some of the secondary colours, then mix the secondary colours with secondary colours and so on...

What colors do mix to make gold?

if you mean gold colours in water colour paintings ; white , yellow , orange and light brown in varying amounts. but for pure colours of gold in oil paintings; gold paint is simply gold fuild substance.

What does tertiary mean in art?

tertiary colours is when you mix primary colours with secondary colours. ( third stage of colours )

What do you get when you mix complimentary colors?

When you mix complimentary colours (colours opposite one another on the colour wheel) you will get a brown or black.

What do you mix to get a tertiary color?

to get a tertiary colour you have to mix 2 primary colours. primary colours are red, blue and yellow.

What does mottling mean?

Mottled refers to a mix of colours, like camo.

What color do you get when you mix red and pink?

You would more than likely get "mud". It is possible to get a rather light rosy gold if you experiment with diffrerent propportions of each color and perhaps a little white. Much depends on the intensity or brightness of the gold and pink.

What colour do you get when you mix the primary colours?

secondary colours: orange,green,purple