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I think RED plus BLUE. But add more blue than red,and maybe some PINK.

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Q: What colours mixed together make lilac?
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What colours are used to make lilac food dye?


What color do purple and pink make when mixed together?

somewhere between mauve and lilac

What is yellow and blue and red mixed together?

Mixing the primary colours will result in black if the colours are equally mixed, and brown if they are unequally mixed.

What do the colours red and indigo mixed together make?


What colours do you mix to make lilac?

Lavender is a pale purple. Mix red and blue to achieve the colour purple, add white until you achieve the desired shade of lavender. Adjust with more red or blue if desired.

What two colours make lilac?

You can only do this with paint but add white with purple

What colours mixed together make black?

red and blue mix together mnake what color.

What does pink and purple make when mixed?


What color does the three primary pigmented colors make when mixed together?

The three primary colours mixed in brown.

What do you chromatography for?

Separating one colour of ink into its original colours that were mixed together to make it.

What colors mixed together make ultramarine blue?

which colours do I mix to get ultramarine blue?

What does secondary colours mean?

these are the colours that are made by mixing two primary colours together for example yellow and blue which are primary colours and when mixed together they make green a secondary colour.the secondary colours are orange,purple and green