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What comes before and after fingers of 2 hands?


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Fingers of one hand and all but one finger of the second hand; and fingers of 2 hands plus one other finger.

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since each hand has 10 fingers ( we assume that all the people have all their fingers) and each person has 2 hands, 10/2 is the ratio of fingers to hands. this is 5 to 1

8 fingers because you have 2 thumbs

Well, it's like your fingers. You have 2 hands with five fingers each. So 5+5=10 figers like 2 fingers+2 fingers=4 fingers in all.

6+2 pinky's and 2 thumbs

There is 5 fingers in one hand. In total you have 10 fingers because you have 2 hands...seriously you don't know this?

8 fingers and 2 thumbs on a pair of hands

hold 2 fingers up on one hand.... then hold 2 fingers up on the other ...... then count both hands togather and you get 4

1010 (in binary) For those who are learning the multiplication tables, 5 x 2 is ten. Look at your fingers, one hand is five fingers and two hands is ten fingers.

Before you serve your coach may ask you to serve to a specific spot, he/she will hold up fingers to let you know. 1 finger- is the serving spot, 2 fingers- is right front, 3 fingers- is middle front, 4 fingers- is left front, 5 fingers- is left back and 6 a fist- is middle back.

Ten is the number of fingers on two hands.

the have 2 thumbs and 3 fingers to climb trees

Bing bong has lots of fingers. she have 2 hands, the left and the right. hold them up high so clean and bright. clap them softly 1 2 3, clean little hands are good to see.

8 fingers and 2 thumbs on a pair of hands

"Normal": a woman who does not have all her fingers on one hand is completely normal as humans have their 10 fingers across 2 hands, not 1.

The number that comes after 2 is 1.

1. place the heels of the hands together and clap the fingers. 2. place the hands at the waist, and make fin motions 3. spell it; o - t (the thumb stuck between the first and second fingers) 2X - e (the fingertips pressed against the other curled fingers kind of like an unclosed fist) - r (the first 2 fingers crossed)

Speaking in terms of whole numbers, 3 comes after 2 and before 4.

give it 1 index finger 1 thumb 1 pinky and 2 middle fingers

Hi: 1 - with 2 fingers, make a small circle over the other hand, then tap the back of the hand; hold the hands flatly apart and facing each other. 2 - with 2 Y hands (that is with the thumbs and little fingers sticking out), make little inward circles, then a short movement downward; hold the hands flatly apart and facing each other.

1. a gameboy 2. 2 AA batteries 3: a game 4: hands with fingers


There is at least 1 but no more than 10 fingers.

Clapping hands. Tango dancers.

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