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Q: What comes out when you get wet?
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Is rain wet?

yes, it also comes fromk clouds.

When rain comes down from the sky what is it called?

I call it, 'wet'.

What goes in hard comes out wet and smells like fish?


What is the origins of the term wet blanket?

i think it comes from the american culture

Goes in dry comes out wet smelling like fish?


What is the wet stuff that comes from the snail?

i think they are doing privacy or something

What causes the grass to get wet on a cool summer night when there isno rain?

Its wet because the water from the grass comes up to the grass.

Is a molecule of water 'wet' like a puddle is wet?

No. the puddle itself is not wet. A puddle of water is considered wet because when you put something in it (your shoe, your newspaper, your mcmuffin) it comes out wet. a molecule of water is too small to moisten anything large enough so that we can have a wet/dry comparison.

How does water affect mudslides?

when the soil gets wet it comes fiying down

What is an example of commensalism in the wet lands?

where ever man goes comes the rat

What goes in firm and hard and comes out wet and sloppy?

Reality Check: GET A LIFE!!!

What makes dry food wet and wet food dry?

Wet food comes in a can or pouch and it contains water. Dry dog food is basically no water and basically dehydrated to remove moisture