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Q: What committee in the house of representatives decided whether to increase or decrease taxes?
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How are the numbers of republican and democrats on each committee decided?

The number of republicans and democrats on each committee are decided by the majority party. The party with more senators or representatives has more members on each committee.

How is committee membership decided?

By voting of the current committee chairs

How do you use the word increase in a sentence?

The cyclist decided to increase his speed and overtake his competitors

What decided the original number of representatives?


How is the number decided of the number of representatives?

By the population of the state.

How is leadership on committees decided?

Committee leaders are based on seniority.

When do you capitalize the word committee?

Capitalize the word "committee" when it is part of the formal name of a specific committee, such as "Finance Committee" or "Safety Committee." If used in a general sense, such as "the committee decided," it does not need to be capitalized.

Why was the Normandy invasion called d day?

Because that is what the committee decided.

A planning committee has decided to determine the zoning?

objective analysis scheme.

Who all contributed to today's presidential selection system?

America currently selects the president through the electoral college rather than popular vote, who act as representatives of the state. The idea of an indirect vote was determined by many members of the Constitutional Congress in 1787, but it was the Committee of Eleven that decided it should be state representatives and not Congress who selected the president.

What delegate was on the committee to style the constitution after the deligates had decided on the overall document?


Which three presidential elections decided by the House of Representatives?

your mom!...and dad!